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Axes and Hammers

  • Model No.:professional axes and hammers
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Key Features

    1.XW006 Axe 1-1/2lbs 2.XT20K Axe(Camping) 20oz. 3.XF20K Axe 20oz. 4.SCR16K Solid steel one piece hammer 16oz. 5.SRR20K Solid steel one piece hammer 20oz. 6.SRR22K-F Solid steel one piece hammer 22oz. 7.RBT20K Hatchet 20oz. 8.DW12K Drywall hatchet 12oz. 9.DW14K Drywall hatchet 14oz. 10.SH14K Shingling hatchet 14oz. 11.HF20K Half hatchet 20oz. 12.RB28K Ria builder's hatchet 28oz.

Main Export Market

Australia ,France ,United Kingdom ,United States